At KĪDU, we’re all Kīds. We love the fact that you meet a philosophy, a state of mind and not just ordinary suppliers. We approach what we do with the same marvel and enthusiasm that kids have in their eyes. That’s how we’d love you to approach us, when you feel like asking KĪDU to partner you on a creative project. Meet the family, constantly growing to improve your feeling of being with friends.

Poliedros is a specialised Organisational and Management Consultancy. Operating as a business partner, Poliedros focuses on precise methodologies and bespoke solutions rather than standardised one-size-fits-all products with a great track record and supporting case-studies.

Carassalini Consulting Limited is a specialist in Reputation Management, Strategic Public Relations & Crisis Communications, providing advice and support to companies who care about managing their image and are keen to  promote their capabilities in the most effective way.

Brandhome is a full-service agency that offers strategic  and creative solutions for brands inside or outside their market  environment, both internally and externally.

Change Agency is a research and consultation business that equips people to see and do things differently. Its main areas of expertise are in marketing, organisation development, sustainability and partnering. 

Alpha Beta Planning is a business development consultancy based in the USA, headed by Robert  Altabet. FMCG, B2B & Venture capital clients are numbered amongst their clients.